Midtown Apartment Combination:

This project involved combining two apartments into a cohesive, contemporary four bedroom, five bathroom home. As in most combinations, the goal was to join the two units to create a space that felt like it was always a single apartment. A limited shared wall between the two units was an added challenge. Our redesigned layout works with the apartment’s shape by grouping the more public areas on one side of the apartment with the more private spaces on the other. The living room, dining room, and kitchen spaces were designed as an open plan entertainment area, with views of the Chrysler building and Manhattan skyline. The design incorporated a variety of materials, strong lines, textures, and colors to create a clean, dynamic space. We were also able to integrate our clients’ specific needs without compromising the design – a retractable child’s step is seamlessly built into a vanity cabinet, completely disappearing back into the vanity when not in use.